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How ToiletTrees Work

An integrated living adult plant and soil that you attach to any toilet.

ToiletTrees comes with a low light plant and soil included. The specialized soil blend is composed of contents that make your plant thrive. Over time it helps hydration, nutrient quality, aeration, and overall sustainability.

Features of the patented ToiletTrees® bathroom system.








Installing ToiletTrees®

Step 1
Remove Toilet Lid.
Hook the planter along the side. It fits onto the side of the most toilet tanks shapes available on the market.
Step 2
Lay Wick In Water
Loosen the wick and place the internal wick into the water, which will bring the water into the plant.
Step 3
Check If You Need Clip
Most toilets won’t need the clip – the wick can just hang inside but a clip is included for certain toilets.
Step 4
Use Clip (If Needed)
if your tank has a separate bowl inside – simply clip the wick to the side.
Step 5
Replace Toilet Lid
And the rest happens on its own! Your new housemate will feed itself while bringing a pleasant smell..

Installation FAQ’s

How do you install ToiletTrees?

Installation is easy! Set aside the lid from your toilet tank, and place the hanging pot and plant onto the side of the toilet tank.

To position the wick, simply hang the wick into the water inside the tank, making sure it hangs long enough for it to touch water when the tank fills up. Some toilets have an extra bucket inside their tanks that tilts in order to flush. In this case, use the clip to hold the wick in place, making sure it hangs long enough for it to touch water when the tank fills up.

What kind of maintenance is necessary after installation?

Not much. Feel free to remove dead leaves, to keep the plant healthy and beautiful.

What if the plant dies?

Plants are guaranteed for 6 months. But with all living things, the plant will die eventually. When that happens, order a new one from ToiletTrees! Replacement plants can be easily slotted into the hanging pot.

Could the plant grow so large that it interferes with the toilet workings?

No, all the roots and plant growth happens on the outside of the tank. It will flush and operate like normal.

What if it grows too large?

If the plant begins to interfere with your regular bathroom flow, feel free to trim the plant’s leaves.