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A low maintenance, sustainable way to enliven your bathroom.

Have you ever wanted to use plants to decorate your bathroom but fail to keep them alive? With ToiletTrees, even someone whose the furthest from a gardener can do no wrong.

The only product that uses your toilet to sustain a plant.

Ditch The Air Sprays

ToiletTrees aerates your bathroom, giving you a fresh feel without harmful chemicals.

Low Maintenance Plants

Beautiful, hand-chosen plant varieties for all levels of sunlight exposure and humidity.

A Living Bathroom

Enliven your space with fresh plants that generously give air and energy.

Recycle Water From Your Toilet

Clean, unused water in the tank sustains the plants, and the rest is used to flush.

Unique Bathroom Decor

impress your guests and clients with ToiletTrees’ novel and luxury design.

Fits Any Toilet

Fully adaptable design, which doesn’t interfere with toilet flushing.

Hear from real customers about their journey with ToiletTrees®.

ToiletTrees is a self-sustaining, fragrant, and beautiful addition that you connect to any standard toilet within your home. It allows you to keep a living plant in your bathroom with little maintenance!

A Living Bathroom

Features of the patented ToiletTrees® bathroom system.








Frequently Asked Questions

When will ToiletTrees be ready to buy?

We are pleased to have pre-sales in waiting, however we are prioritizing the establishment licensing partnerships to fully fund the manufacturing and distribution.

Once it’s installed, do I need to water it?

Not at all. ToiletTrees will naturally absorb as much water as the plant needs based on the conditions, so you don’t need to worry about adding more water. Additionally, the soil mix is designed to retain water longer for the plant, in case you have a more arid climate.

My bathroom is dark, will ToiletTrees work?

Most of our plants are designed for low-light environments, so use your best judgement! The plants will adjust to their new environment, occasionally shedding leaves and leaning toward the sunlight.

How does ToiletTrees pull in tank water?

Using the physics of hydromagneticism, it gradually draws the water through the superabsorbent cloth, and into the soil where the plant needs it. No leaking, no spilling, no fungus.

Is the toilet water clean?

It’s clean! Usable! The tank water doesn’t get used at all until it’s time to flush, so let’s put it to use!

Which plant options are available?

All of our plants add color and life to your bathroom. Currently, we’re offering Geraniums, Brazilian Coleus, Delta Maidenhair, and Lipstick Plants.

Is is pet friendly?

Yes, all of our plants and the soil medium are fine for your furry friends.

How does ToiletTrees control fungus pests?

The plant will only drink what it needs, and the soil mixture helps moderate the moisture. Every bathroom has slightly different atmospheric conditions that affect how the plant grows and thrives, but it will mostly operate like a regular houseplant.

Fresh From The ToiletTrees Roll

Go behind the scenes and learn more about the philosophy, process, and people behind ToiletTrees.